Ice Breaker Speech: Rainbow!

My very first speech ever, in front of total strangers. In front of people I am yet to know better, of people I am yet to discover. An Ice Breaker speech, where one introduces himself or herself to the club. God am sweating, it is so hot in here!

Nervous and as excited as the usual me, I did not actually prepare for this. I might have mentioned I wanted to go on and have my first speech right away even though I was not really prepared.

Preparing means having an outline, a rough draft of the speech, a script, and in front of the mirror, contemplating and internalizing words and phrases and sentences that clouds my mind. Me? To go over that long process just for an introduction? My mind says “just be yourself and get over it!” Whew.

All i have before the appointed date is a title: Rainbow, and one of my favorite lines: ” Who am I and how I wonder will this story end? Is the opening line of ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks”. You might be thinking right now…RAINBOW?! Yeah, laugh it all out loud, it’s as childish as it sounds. I do not know what came to me when i finally decided on a title. Haha!

So there, fifteen minutes before the meeting and sweat droplets are forming on my oily bangs-covered forehead. How should I put this… I think I am going to faint. Hahaha. Can I really do this with just an opening line and the thought of rainbows over my head?

The meeting starts and I am wiping my sweaty palms. I won’t be able to do this, help! Is all I could think of when the Table Topics started. I wanted to participate but my mind is clouded with skies and rainbows and clouds and gold pots.

Now I would love to share my speech with you guys but then I cannot remember it! I could not recall the words that I uttered and the things I talked about. I was too focused on the green, yellow, and red lights. All I can remember was how I ended it sloppy like a real kindergarten practicing how to talk in front of class.

So there goes my ice breaker. Whew.

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